it’s the most beautiful time of the year

Christmas, the holiday known for Santa, presents, family, turkey, and most importantly, the birth of Jesus Christ. So many times we forget about this last, but integral part, of the holiday season. There’s not a thing wrong with the turkey, the presents and spending time with family, but it becomes a problem when we rank those as more important. The Wise Men brought gifts for the baby, and we give gifts to those we love. I find it so hard sometimes to not focus on the gifts. The first thing I do is compare what I got to my sister, my family and my friends. It’s so hard not to rank your presents against what everyone else got. This year, I’ve tried to make a point of being satisfied with what I received, and not let myself be caught in the trap of comparisons.

I am the type of person who doesn’t want to miss a single thing. Sometimes I find it hard to make plans cause I’m worried there’s something else I may want to do at the same time. Normally, this doesn’t lead to saying “no”, but leads to way too many answers of “yes”. I never want to miss an opportunity or be too caught up in something that I miss something else that I could have been a part of. This Christmas season, I’ve tried to live in the moment and reflect on the real meaning of this wonderful holiday. I can be so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the celebrations, moving from one event to the next, that I forget about what we are actually celebrating.

Gifts are wonderful (especially when you get to give them), food is tasty, family is comforting and Santa is plump and jolly, but Jesus was born that very first Christmas. Without him, we would have none of the things we love about the Christmas seasons. We wouldn’t even have Christmas without him. As cliche as it may be, Jesus is the reason for the season. He was born in a barn to an otherwise unknown couple. What seems like such an insignificant event, changed our world forever. This Christmas, let’s remember why we celebrate. Let’s truly make this Christmas, and every Christmas to come, the most beautiful time of the year.

Wise men still seek him.

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