half of my heart

Every time I make the trip south to North Carolina, I am astounded by how much I feel at home. I knew that I would enjoy it here when I made that first trip down, but I don’t think I understood just how much this place would mean to me. I have been down here a grand total of three times. Three short trips and I’m hooked. I feel like I’ve known this place and all these people my entire life. This has become my second family. I feel like another sibling that just happened to show up to the party a little later than the rest, but has still been welcomed in with open arms. Nothing beats a family like that. Thank you North Carolina for being so welcoming to me, but I hate you for making me miss it so much. I already know that going home is going to be tough. If I could find a job and a place to live this week, I would stay in a heartbeat. I love all these wonderful people dearly. I don’t think that they realize just how thankful I am to having them in my life. Thank you for making it so hard to leave but so easy to come back to.

Brevard, you have half of my heart.

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