open up our eyes

Winter: the season most Canadians dread. I don’t know how you can hate something so beautiful. There is no smell more anticipated than that of the first snowfall. There is no sight more stunning than that of a falling snowflake. It nips at your nose. It throws itself in your face. It gently falls. It is captivating.

Spring: the first sight of life. It is a season known for April showers and May flowers. It’s what we wait all winter for. New buds form on stark tree branches. The bright coloured tulips signall the approach of warmer weather. Rubber boots splash in every puddle within view. It is enchanting.

Summer: everyone’s favourite season. There’s nothing like the warmth and sunshine a summer can bring. It is the climax of the seasons. Beaches are busting with students on vacation. Windows are down and music is blaring. Shorts and flip-flops are embraced with open arms. It is inviting.

Fall: the season of mixed feelings. No season can compare. It signals back-to-school, the coming of holidays and the return of jeans and sweatshirts. Leaves crunch under every footstep. Trees turn the richest shades of orange, yellow and red. It is perfect for long walks and campfires. It is what I wait all year for. It is ravishing.

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