no other plans


I am all too familiar with this word. You could even say that we are best friends. Sure, the relationship is all carefree and full of fun-and-games. Well, that’s what it seems like anyways. All of a sudden three hours have gone by and not a thing on your to-do-list is accomplished. Welcome to a day in the life of Elisabeth.

Today I had the best intentions of doing a good chunk of packing. I decided to start packing something I was excited to go through (my Starbucks city mugs of course), which I got through and packed no problem. Before long Skype was calling my name and my attention drifted back to the world if technology and social networking. There’s nothing like a great blog to take you away from reality or hit you over the head with real life. Either way, it takes you away from the physical place you are in and brings you to a place you’d rather be. Let’s be honest, packing on a Saturday afternoon is not what I dream about at night. I’d much rather immerse myself in a dream land of wonderfully talented writers who can challenge you more than you can challenge yourself. As you can tell, I can get distracted by even the thought of social networking. Yet again, Elisabeth finds herself procrastinating, this time it’s completely documented in this very blog post.

I’ve always been guilty of procrastinating. There’s always something more exciting to read, something more entertaining to watch, or someone more exciting to talk to. I’m the kid who left papers until a few days before it was due. Now I have become quite good at writing under pressure, but I can’t say that I’m awfully proud of this fact. I always wanted to plan ahead, start writing early, and finish with days to spare. I always had great intentions of doing it differently the next time. The next time turned into next semester which turned into next year. Goodness, looking back at it, I procrastinated from stopping myself from procrastinating. That’s not only horridly confusing, but so sad. I need to give myself a swift kick in the butt to get moving. I need to not put things off. I need to do things right away. I need to want to accomplish things early. I’m just not entirely sure how to go about this. (Suggestions are welcome.)

I thought maybe if I got this down in some sort of physical way, I would maybe realize that I need to so something about it. I don’t really know what I was wanting to accomplish by this blog post. Maybe it was just another procrastination tactic to avoid more packing or cleaning. All this is to say: ELISABETH, GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND GET TO WORK.

Oh goodness, 16 days and so much to do. Be praying I don’t go completely insane.

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