the world spins madly on

“Every second is of infinite value.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Rushing the moment I’m in. Waiting for the next thing to happen. Hoping time will move faster. Always looking forward, anticipating what is ahead of me. I am more than guilty on all accounts. I can’t seem to keep my brain in the present. Time already moves fast enough, it doesn’t need me pushing it along at an accelerated place.

So many tasks could be completed.

So many opportunities could be seized.

So many moments could be savoured.

Instead, I continue to stare at the clock, hoping that somehow the next 60 seconds will feel faster than the last. It’s about time to start living life differently.

It’s time to actually live life and not just watch time go by.

I’m not exactly sure how I can do that at this point. I’ve become so accustomed to looking towards what is in the future. I don’t really even know what it means to live in the present and enjoy the moment I’m in.

It needs to be a shift of focus. A change in thought processes. A distinct effort to break out of this habit.

A friend suggested this week to make things fun. It’s not necessarily always about doing fun things, but finding the fun in what you are doing.

Take advantage of every opportunity you are presented with. Savour every moment, even if it doesn’t seem important at the time. At some point you’ll be wishing you had that extra minute that you wished away so many times before.

Laugh a few more minutes. Smile a little longer. Stop and smell the roses.

Carpe diem.

One thought on “the world spins madly on

  1. Well said Lis! We miss the still small voice that speaks to us because we are so busy being entertained all the time. Time to swim against the current…stop and smell the roses…Merry Christmas

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