wagon wheel

Days like today are good for the soul. I think my mind has subconsciously been asking for a day like today for a while now.

It’s a sandal wearing, coffee drinking, book reading, ZZ Ward listening, life reflecting kind of day.

My life has been moving at a ridiculous bullet speed since I arrived in Franklin.

It’s been five weeks.

In one respect, it feels like I just arrived at the Show Hope office as a nervous intern that first Monday in February.

On the other hand, I’ve already developed relationships that make if feel like I’ve been here for at least ten times as long as reality depicts.

Two months ago I was living what I would call a pretty comfortable life. I had a job that paid well, a great house to live in, friends that most could only dream of having, and I was okay with it all. Never did the thought cross my mind that three short weeks later I would be moving five-and-a-half hours west to be apart of an internship that I never in a million years expected to be blessed with.

I have never been more convinced that the “man upstairs” has a fantastic sense of humour.

Here I sit, balancing somewhere between reality and what I am sure could only be a dream.

Let me explain the last month in a nutshell. (Although at this point, it may be a pretty long nutshell.) I arrived the evening before my internship started and although I felt completely unprepared, I felt this excitement that I still can’t fully explain. There is always an amount of uncertainty that comes with meeting a new group of people that you know you will be spending a significant amount of time with. I don’t think I can fully communicate how AMAZING this team is. It’s so clear to me that only God could assemble a group so diverse, but so like minded. I can honestly say that in the short time that I’ve spent with them, that I have been blessed with relationships that I know will make an impact in my life. I’ve never been a part of such a solid team that still has more fun than anyone could describe in words. I’ve laughed harder in the past few weeks than I have in the past few years combined. I pray these relationships only grow stronger over the next few months and will continue for years to come.

These interns are world changers. I cannot wait to see where the Lord takes each one of them. I’m so honoured to call them my friends. They’re rockstars and I love that I get to work alongside them everyday.


Jill – Her one-liners will get you every single time…and you won’t see them coming. Ever.

Alexis – A fellow sarcastic soul. No further explanation needed.

Ericha (or Eric-ha if you will) – Fellow intern-hopper, grandma, and go-getter. (Check out Becoming Fools – a documentary she worked on for seven months in Guatemala.)

Will – The one who understands my musical taste, Instagrams as much as I do, and keeps things fun.

Wheeler – Dancer, singer, joker, leader, and great role model.

Believe me when I say this team is solid EPIC! I love every one of them.

The first few weeks consisted of processing donations, brainstorming new ideas, shooting promo videos, writing email bodies, and trying to prepare for a tour that most of us had never experienced. It was a great time to learn where we fit in the team. It was a great preparation for the first week of tour.


March 3rd. First bus call of tour. 7pm departure from Franklin, TN.

March 4th. 5am arrival at hotel in Asheville, NC. 2 hours of sleep. 7:30am breakfast. 8am departure. 9am set up at UNCA. First day of Spring 2013 Tour. And here we go.

We lacked an adequate amount of sleep. We had never set up the bus as a team.

Somehow we rallied, set up and opened the bus, and had a fantastic day. I’m still not entirely sure how we pulled it off so well. The day involved a cold start, some dancing, a little bit of limbo, tree climbing, and multiple cornhole competitions. It was a great start to what turned into a challenging but successful first week of tour.

Three days, a monsoon, a mountain trek, a snowfall, amazing volunteers, and a broken bus later, we completed our first week of tour. It’s a week I don’t think any of us will forget. We arrived back in Franklin as a colder, but stronger team. The broken bus could be explained by nothing else other than a God thing.

This brings us to sometime around today. We’re all digesting everything that happened last week, tweaking things for the next tour leg, and preparing to hit the road again next Monday. I think all of us are thankful for the week off from tour, but at the same time we’re completely anxious to get back out on the road with the Red Bus Project as we journey to Indiana for a five days.

Keep this team in your prayers. While we adore what we are doing, we are quickly discovering that we aren’t as invincible as we thought. We leave a lot on the road, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Follow the Red Bus Project’s journey through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our website. We hope to see you on the road!

Franklin, so far you’ve been good to me. I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring. Knowing my life, it will include some excitement. Bring it on.

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