keep your head up

Oh, the life of a Red Bus Project intern.

Never predictable. Normally exciting. Always fun.

Last week started out with preparing for a long trek back to North Carolina. This was the week that I would be visiting friends, showing off Brevard, and sleeping in my own bed. Two days, a broken down bus, and three hours on the side of I-40 changed all that.

It was a hard adjustment.

I went from being so excited about being able to share what I love with all my friends back home, to driving back to Franklin in a rental car knowing that the rest of the week would be spent in the office, 5.5 hours away from home.

Luckily, I work with amazing people who made having to stay here completely enjoyable. As much as being in the office isn’t quite as fun as road life, there’s enough singing, dancing, joking and laughing to help you forget how many hours you still have in the office on any given day.

It turned into a week full of processing donations, brainstorming, and preparing to leave the next week (praying that the bus would be fixed in time for our next school stop). Thursday came and all of a sudden it was Easter weekend. Easter? How is it Easter already? I had all intentions of staying in Franklin for Easter weekend, but after some pretty easy convincing, I found myself North Carolina bound on Friday morning. Man, I didn’t realize how much I missed my friends until I got home that Friday afternoon. It was a great weekend filled with Bracken Mountain Bakery scones, Mela, “tresbonfires”, and time spent with some of my favorite people.

I’m beyond glad that I made the decision to go home, but I found myself sitting in North Carolina missing my new Tennessee family. I’ve spent so much time with these people over the last few months, that it was weird being completely removed from it. By the end of the weekend, I started to get more and more excited to head back to Franklin and see everyone on Monday morning at work. I wish I could somehow merge these two worlds into one. I’m so thankful that I have both of these amazing groups of people in my life.

Monday arrived and we were back in the office getting ready to leave for tour again the next day. We still weren’t 100% sure if the bus would be fixed in time, but we packed the Penske in hope that we would be back on the road the next afternoon. Tuesday morning brought disappointing news of a bus that wouldn’t be ready quite in time to leave for Atlanta that day. It was definitely disappointing to once again be in town when we were planning on being back on the road. I randomly decided to pop into the office and hang out working on some social media stuff there, when suddenly it was decided that we would in fact be heading to Atlanta for the first ever Red Bus Project stop…without a bus. We decided it was important enough to go, even if it meant busting our butts Tuesday afternoon and figuring out how create a slightly completely modified set up. Tuesday afternoon consisted of running around from place to place gathering supplies, and making sure everything was ready for a 4am departure for ATL. It turned out to be a crazy busy, but completely fun day. Finally, we were going to be back to tour life. Even if it was just for a day this week.

Yesterday we left crazy early for the long trek to Atlanta. We arrived, set up, and prayed that everything would go well. It turned into an amazing day. It was completely worth the crazy day on Tuesday, the long morning drive, and the modified set up. We had a great turn out and got to have some great conversations with students and visitors in downtown Atalanta.

You know it’s a long tour day when you see the sunrise and sunset all in one workday. We arrived back in Franklin shortly before eleven last night exhausted, but it was completely worth it.

We have an amazing team. I still can’t believe this team that only God could assemble. We arrived at the internship, most of us not knowing each other, and somehow we came together to create such a close knit team. I love this team. I can’t believe how quickly this internship is going. Slow down April! Please slow down!

Needless to say, you never know what a week may bring.

It’s an adventure. It’s exhausting. It’s energizing. It’s rewarding. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

I got on the roller coaster a little apprehensive and nervous, but I’m loving the ride more than I ever expected I would.

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