nothing i hold on to

Five flights. One missed connection. 40+ hours of travel.

Never have I been so excited to finally reach a destination. From eleven hour layovers to less than sufficient leg room, the journey here was less than ideal. Having said that, being here as made every knee pain more than worth it.

The drive from the airport in Entebbe to Jinja was about three hours long. I spent half of the drive bobbing, trying not to fall asleep. It’s a beautiful country and I didn’t want to miss anything along the way. I arrived at the Sole Hope guesthouse to great friends and much needed hugs. After dragging in my heavy bags and distributing the many snacks that made the trek with me, it started to sink in that I was finally here. The trip I had been planning for so long was happening. I was in Uganda.

That first day included my first boda ride, experiencing a good coffee shop, walking down main street and exploring some of the shops, and having my first Ugandan meal…spaghetti. I forced myself to keep going and not take a nap in hopes of kicking my jetlag swiftly in the butt. My one day of being in a non-functioning state definitely paid off when I found myself barely experiencing any jetlag past that first day.

Day two started with a delicious Americano and less than stellar wifi, but it was wifi nonetheless. After a few Instagram pictures, some Facebook stalking, and a few iMessages, we were off to get me a Ugandan phone. This phone is beautiful. I feel like I am back in middle school borrowing my mom’s phone while I roamed around the mall. However, it was a ridiculously reasonable price and will be great to help me stay connected while I’m here. After that, Asher and I went to find a baby home, which turned into a boda adventure, some aimless wandering, and uphill walk back home. Needless to say, we didn’t find the baby home. After our small excursion, we went to a village just outside of downtown and were able to see where all the SUUBI necklaces were made and were able to get a quick glimpse of what village life may look like. There’s a football field in the middle of the village where we are hoping to start a little game when we go back on Saturday. By the end of the day my feet were covered with red dirt – the sign of a good day in my books.

Yesterday consisted of organizing the garage, a failed attempt at a medical trip to a nearby village (thanks to lots of rain and dirt roads), and sometime to play with the kiddos at a local orphanage. The children here are beautiful. Within moments of entering the playground gates, a little girl walked right to me and raised her arms. I picked her up without hesitation and she was glued to me for a good while. Such a sweet little girl. It wasn’t too long before Asher and I ventured into the baby room, which we soon nicknamed “heaven”. Such precious little ones ranging from several weeks, to several years old. I was able to feed a little month old baby with the most beautiful eyes. I think I could have spent hours there and I’m sure I’ll find myself back there in the near future.

Today started out with another quick visit for coffee and wifi before we head back out in hopes of making it to the village that we failed to visit yesterday. It’s been a nice morning to just relax and take a moment to process so many things that have happened this week.

Thank you for all the prayers while travelling and so far during my trip. It’s definitely been a transition, but luckily I have wonderful friends here who have made it much easier.

It’s a wonderful city. It is already going too quickly. It’s sure to be an adventure.

(This blog is going up a bit late, but I will have one recapping my first jigger removal clinic from this past weekend up in the next little bit.)

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