winter wonderland

Ontario is good for the soul.

Clean air. White snow. Tim Hortons.

I leave for Uganda in just over a week, and there’s no better way to finish my time on this content (for now) than with a white Christmas and the people I grew up with.

I won’t lie to you – it’s stinkin’ cold all the way up here. I’m lacking in warm clothing, winter footwear, and any tolerance for being outside for longer than three-and-a-half minutes. The days where the temperature dipped bellow freezing were few and far between in North Carolina, and leaving the house to find frost on my windshield was as crazy as winter got. I haven’t seen a temperature above freezing since I arrived here in The North Pole. I don’t see Santa, his elves haven’t brought me hot chocolate, and I’m face deep in snow.

Although the hot chocolate has been scarce, the cinnamon roll I had from the farmers market this morning more than made up for it. I’ve been trying to fit in all the classic activities that come with being here. This is the longest period of time that I’ve spent in Ontario since moving almost two years ago. My sweet/crazy/Aussie-ish friend Riley is also home for the holiday season – so of course we’ve been causing a fair amount of trouble and consuming far too much caffeine. Quite necessary after almost two years apart – clearly making up for lost time. This morning was the St. Jacobs Farmers Market adventure. It was complete with maple syrup scouting and drooling at the sight of poutine. It ended with a lady trying to make Riley smile for a picture by repeatedly wishing her a “Merry Christmas”. We attract the crazies – and we’re okay with it.

Smiles and cinnamon rolls for all!

IMG_2754 IMG_2759 IMG_2761IMG_2760


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