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I don’t have many words to describe my time in Ontario these past few weeks, but I have tried to make a point of bringing my camera with me and actually taking pictures. My camera has been pretty cooped up since I got back from Uganda in August.

Snow, friends, and adventures have fairly sufficiently filled my time here. Yesterday afternoon may have been the peak. There’s nothing like a good nature walk with a some of your best friends and a crazy dog to fill your emotional tank.

These two are something else.


I love them dearly and they are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. They live and breathe love and laughter – and it’s infectious.


Kristin – Ridiculous, loud, hilarious, caring. I have so much fun with this girl. Whether we’re walking in the rain, running over curbs in Dundas, or drinking coffee – it’s always met with laughter and sarcasm. We make fun of horrible art galleries, drink mediocre coffee, and quite often start conversations with ‘Can I ask you something?’. She is open with how she’s feeling, genuinely cares about how you’re doing, and somehow makes you feel better in the midst of crappy life situations. This girl is joy through and through.


Riley – This girl is something else. We bonded over rugby and it’s just gone from there. She’s my fellow wandering spirit and understands my heart on more levels than anyone else. All filters are lost when we’re together – this tends to be the best entertainment. Her smile and laugh are infectious. We can be separated by distance for years – reunite us and you’ll wonder if time passed at all. I’m making bets on whether we’ll ever live on the same continent again, but I love seeing where we are now and cannot wait to see where we end up years from now. She loves well – even if it’s in the form of picking on me. We may be crazy, but at least we can be crazy together.


I’m so excited for these girls next adventures together in Australia. Hopefully I’ll be able to join them for a few weeks to cause some ruckus on the other side of the globe. I’m so thankful for who they are and their intentional friendships. These girls are going places – they’re on their way.

IMG_3019 IMG_3050 IMG_2966

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