all that i am


Kindred spirits. Heart friends. Fellow journeyers.

They are the people you do life with – the people you can’t imagine doing life without.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of miles can separate you, but they’re still you’re people. They’re the ones you cry to, laugh with, and complain to. They’re the people you drink coffee with – no words or full sentences required.

They’ve seen you at your worst – they’ve celebrated your greatest achievements.

I have these people to thank for keeping me sane, keeping me focused, keeping my life fun. I won’t sugarcoat it, each of these relationship has had rough patches. There have been times when I’ve been ready to walk away from them completely, but found the strength and drive to fight for them with everything in me. These are the people worth fighting for.

Just being around these people makes your soul feel at rest. No fuss needed. Sometimes all you need are some m&ms and an xBox controller in your hand. It could be an oven full of frozen pizza and an argument about which Netflix movie should be the feature that night. It can be as simple as staying at home and just being. It can be as adventurous as serving alongside them thousands of miles away from home. At home or across the world, these are your people – they are the ground you stand on and the push that propels you forward.

You don’t appreciate these people enough. You go through life, day-by-day, knowing out of habit that they’ll be there. It’s not until you’re removed from it that you truly appreciate and acknowledge these friendships, these people who make your life what it is. I’m thankful that they’re still my people – just a few more miles away. I still cry to them, laugh with them, and complain to them – it just takes a little more co-ordination and the help of a few Apple products.

I’m thankful for my people. I’m thankful that they know me to the core. I’m thankful that they believe in me more than I could ever imagine believing in myself. I’m thankful that we can be ourselves – laughing about things most wouldn’t even understand.

Different paths. Different continents. Common journey.

Here’s to many more tears, laughs, and cups of coffee.

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