you never fail


May. The fifth month of the year. The month marking five months in Uganda.

I’m not one to write down goals. They move back and forth in my brain like waves lapping up against the shore, but I can never quite pin them down. I have a new goal: to write my goals down. I want to be able to move towards something – looking back only long enough to remember how far I’ve come. Reading more books, loving people better, being more intentional with prayer – they may be life changing, or they may be moment changing, but I want to have them written down. Permanent. They may change, but that’s all part of the process. They develop, they evolve, they come to fruition – or they don’t. So, here’s to new months and new goals – and the writing down of those goals.

And here we go.

A list for May:
– read at least one book
– extend grace beyond my comfort zone
– journal once a week
(Not even once. Not even once.)
– create outside of work
– keep my room clean (this should be interesting)
– take more pictures (work related and otherwise)
– print pictures
go to the baby home weekly
be more intentional with community and relationships
– write and send letters
be more encouraging to my coworkers and friends
– sit in the rain
spend one-on-one time with each of the Collie kiddos
– read all of Proverbs
– intentionally use my new prayer journal daily
– cross off each item of this list as it is accomplished
– text Mo Isom once an hour (due to fear of punishment)

And we’re off. This is my first month – I’m expecting mistakes, misguided steps, failed attempts. Here’s to new adventures, new challenges, and new goals.

Here’s to May, and all it has to offer.

4 thoughts on “you never fail

    1. Elisabeth Michal Steckle. I. Just. Love. You. We are sisters…separated by a couple of years and 8,000 miles. We must spend some time together. I look forward to everything you write.

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