wind and ocean


Someone take me to the ocean.

I’m not normally one to dream about the ocean. I’ve never felt a desire to move to the coast, or pack up and relocate to California. I’m more of a mountain girl, and living in the Blue Ridge Mountains has been a dream come true. Growing up, living in Southwestern Ontario, you were never more than an hour-and-a-half from the beach. While there was never a saltwater breeze, there were waves and wind and friends to enjoy it with. It was a luxury that I took for granted – and did not take advantage of.

Now, with no such luxury here, I find myself craving it. I wish that I could just drive, windows down and music blaring (possibly country, don’t hate), until the blue horizon changed from sky to sea. I want my friends beside me, words or not, just knowing that they’re are there would be enough. I want to sit on the cliff, on the sand, by the sea listening to the wind and the waves.

To me, there is nothing that brings me closer to the Creator than the wind. It’s something that cannot be seen, but can be felt so deeply. You can breathe it in, stand in the midst of it, be completely swept up in it. One of my favorite memories, hands down, was standing on the bridge in St. Augustine in the middle of a tropical storm. The wind whipped around, encircled us, and quite literally blew us away. Still, we stood in the midst of it – in awe of it’s power and might. In both the powerful moments and the shallow breaths, he is there – he is that power, he is that breath. Standing above that water, quite literally breathing it all in, I felt Him. Sitting as the waves crash, the wind swirling around, I know he is right there – not to be seen, but so deeply felt.

So, take me to the beach. Be it the cliffs of California or the Florida humidity, take me there. One day, we will be reunited, and it will be good.

Breathe deep. Be in awe of His power. Be in a constant state of breathing him in and out. Let Him crash into your life like a wave, even if you fear the water. Let Him show you His power and His breath – just BE.

One thought on “wind and ocean

  1. I love how you talk about the wind being like God. How it can be felt like God, but not seen. I never thought about it like that. Hope you are doing well!

    Judy Jackson

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