getting there


Alright folks, I’m bringing back my monthly goals. And by bringing back, I mean I’m doing it for the second time – I don’t really think that counts as an official thing. I’m changing it up this time. Because I’m heading back to the States for a few weeks, I’m going to bundle two months together. I know – I’ve gone off the deep end. But here goes. Here’s to another few months – on two different continents.


  • Read 3 books. Seems simple enough… Especially when I have  l  o  n  g  flights.
  • Blog at least 1 time every week – if not more.
  • Go on a hike that I’ve never done before.
  • Take pictures of the everyday.
  • Let Jillian Michaels kick my butt more often with her crazy yoga workout.
  • See at least one Blue Ridge Parkway sunrise and one sunset.
  • Hug Target.
  • Go on an adventure every weekend. Away with these Grey’s Anatomy marathons.
  • Visit those kiddos at Arise & Shine at least once a week.
  • Pick up my guitar more than once every month. (And that’s a good month.)
  • Read more blogs that I follow. I get those emails for a reason…
  • Hammock. A lot. Cause I’ve really been slacking on that.
  • Continue to be more intentional with relationships.
  • Spend more time with the Lord – in his word. Feeling refreshed to start again each day.


  • Pumpkin spice lattes. Because even though I’ve gone the same amount of time without them as everyone else, it still seems like it’s been about 3 years too long since I had one.
  • Eat Mela while back in Asheville. Because Mela.
  • Go to at least one show. Because I miss doing that – a lot.
  • Not wish away my trip worrying about how short it’s going to feel.
  • Eat BBQ. And Chipotle. And salad – so much salad.

So here’s to September & October. They will be a whirlwind, but they will be a dream. A time to be refreshed and renewed. A time to try this all again – and aim higher.


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