who am i

FullSizeRender-3 Well here we are again. A new month, another failed goal list. However, I’m going to take the small victories of checking off a few items here and there. There’s always this month. Or next. Or January.

First off, I need to send out the BIGGEST shout out to Valerie of Vallarina Creative who offered her amazing design gifts to give my blog a facelift. She does beautiful work & I cannot thank her enough. She took my simple ideas and ran with them – creating something I couldn’t have even imagined. Valerie, you have such a generous heart and offer to use your gifts in such beautiful ways. Check out her Instagram and new print shop, Love By Design. I can’t wait for her to be back in Uganda – we will drink so much coffee together.

Second, I decided to change gears a little bit for this blog. I thought I’d do more of a fun “Get to Know Lis” post to go along with the new blog. As they would say in Uganda, “why not”. So here’s to random facts (I don’t promise that they’ll all be interesting) and a glimpse into my crazy brain. Here goes.

Age: 23. For two more months.

Birthplace: Nashville, TN. Born to 2 Canadian parents (what’s up dual citizenship). However, I lived in Ontario, Canada for most of my life before moving to North Carolina in 2012. And because of this, sometimes I don’t know if things are spelled with “ou” or just “o”. Forgive me.

Favorite Color: It changes daily. Right now – purple and coral.

Favorite Sport: To play – hands down, rugby – all day every day. To watch – baseball (live) & football (live or on TV).

TV Shows: Gilmore Girls – forever and always. Greys Anatomy and the Duggers sneak in there too…

Favorite Cities: Toronto. San Fransisco. Nashville.

Bands/Artists: Right now, Vance Joy – all day, e’ry day. You+Me – because it’s P!NK and Dallas Green.

Coffee: Madcap. Crema. Counter Culture. Pour-over, AeroPress, Americanos. Anything East African – specifically Ethiopian. Working at Starbucks for almost 5 years helped me discover what coffee I don’t like (cough…Starbucks…cough).

iPhone App: Instagram. VSCO Cam. Spotify. Timehop.

Travel Bucket List: Australia & New Zealand. I will see the All Blacks play. It will happen.

Shoes: My Spirit boots – I could just hug them. Converse. Birkenstocks. Rainbows.

Biggest Fear: Boats – slowly working on that one. Swimming with fish.

Dream Car: Mid/Late 60s Mustang. That hasn’t changed since 3rd grade.

Favorite Food: Sushi. Anything with avocados. Strawberries. Cheese.

Things I miss living in Uganda: Community. Coffee Shops. Snow.

Most Visited Websites: Pinterest. New York Times. Gmail.

Favorite Book: Anne of Green Gables. Little Women. Restless – Jennie Allen.

Biggest Insecurity: My height.

Dream Job (other than what I’m doing now – cause it’s a dream): Working for Darling Magazine. Working with a non-profit in NYC.

Myers-Briggs Indicator: ENFP. Sitting midline for almost every one.

And there you have it folks. This is me in I-lost-track-of-how-may questions. I’d love to hear more about y’all! Please leave a comment if you have another question that I didn’t answer (cause I probably answered the questions no one wants to know). I would love if you followed along with my crazy life on this here blog & Instagram. Let the journey continue.


2 thoughts on “who am i

  1. 1. Somehow I’ve never been to 2/3 of your favorite cities – how can this be?!
    2. I can always count on you to introduce me to the best music. Going to youtube right now.
    3. Spirit boots? Rainbows? Pics please.
    4. We share the same fears – boats? Never. Swimming with fish? I’d rather die. I also don’t put my face under water for fear of suffocating. For real.
    5. Cheese isn’t on the top of the list of things you miss living in Uganda? I’m shocked.
    6. Whatsapp isn’t your favorite app? I’m hurt.

    I love you. That’s it.

    1. 1. You should fix that.
      2. What did you think?
      3. My leather boots that I love. Rainbows are the leather flip flops that I have. I wore them home when we flew.
      4. The struggle is so real.
      5. A horrible error. It just reminds me that I don’t have any.
      6. Dang…that probably should have been on that list…

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