steady heart

And just like that, it’s 2015.

One year ago I was celebrating both the new year & my first week back in Uganda. It was an exciting & overwhelming time that started one of the most challenging & exhilarating years of my life.

While many peoples’ end of year statuses expressed relief in the ending of 2014 or described the things they wished to be different in the last year, mine would have looked very different. I won’t even pretend that my year was easy, always pleasant, or struggle free. In fact, I would say that it was just the opposite. My year was one of the most difficult that I have ever experienced. It was filled with many moments drowned in loneliness. It was a year in which I had to fight harder than ever before. Yet, it was beautiful.

A few of the best moments were:

  1. Moving to a different continent and learning how to work within a foreign culture. Something I have not – and probably never will – figured out.
  2. Watching #chocolatedropeli grow and change & rejoicing in the redemption his little life has witnessed already.
  3. Meeting so many unique & beautiful people from all around the world as they travelled through Jinja.
  4. Hosting my sister, mom, & some of my dearest friends and exploring the beautiful country of Uganda with them.
  5. Getting to do life with the beautiful Collie family & witnessing each of their children grow. And watching #sweetstellabella gain a forever family and enter into an environment where she is flourishing.
  6. Learning to be more patient thanks to a slow/non-existent internet connection.
  7. Meeting people who I’m sure will remain dear friends for the rest of my life.
  8. Having a tan all year. I mean, c’mon, that’s the dream.
  9. Spending weekends with littles at the babies home, seeing their beautiful smiles lit up my week.
  10. Learning much more than I ever could have living in the comforts of North America.

2014 was a wonderful year & I wait with great anticipation to see what 2015 will bring. I’ve decided to again pick a praise to live my life by & improve upon this year. Last year at this time I chose “learn” & I could never have imagined how precisely that came to fruition. This year, I chose “be bold”. I want to live my life boldly. I want to make bold decisions. I want to walk out a bold faith. I want to pray bold prayers. I want to walk boldly in the direction that the Lord has for me in the coming months.

Will you journey along with me as we step into 2015 together? I can just feel it – this coming year will be one of the best yet. Filled with both challenges & joys, pain & beauty.

Here’s to 2015.


Follow along on twitter & instagram as I boldly journey these next 12 months by following #BeBoldMMXV.


One thought on “steady heart

  1. You are realy a brave young, beautful and strong willed lady and as you wish,l pray that God lets your will to turn!. you are to inspirational and l ‘ve realy liked your ways in this peace of time. thanks Elitherbeth!

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