25 for 25


As a continuation of my last post “24 from 24”, I thought I’d turn the tables and look forward to the year ahead.

I love the idea of a blank slate. Whether it’s a new planner, a new school semester, or an unexplored city – there’s nothing better than starting fresh, with new opportunities and choices ahead.

So, here are 25 things that I’m looking forward to doing & learning in the coming year:

  1. More In-N-Out. Obvs. I mean, this is a pretty easy one to accomplish.
  2. Exploring my new city and state, finding my favorite places while still always wanting to try something new. This is still an ongoing goal. I accomplished this in part, but there’s still a long way to go. Lets add it to the 26 list.
  3. More coffee dates. Taking time to sit down and share stories and conversation over a piping hot [or ice cold] cup of coffee [or tea, I’ll allow that]. This is a never-ending goal.
  4. Keep travelling. There’s something beautiful about experiencing somewhere you’ve never been. I think I travelled less this year than I have in many moons. Having said that, I loved the travelling I did and found myself unexpectedly content with being in one place most of the time. 
  5. Pick up the phone and dial. I’m done wishing I made more time to talk to my people. Probably didn’t do so great on this one.
  6. Buy more expensive makeup. You’ve held out for 25 years. It’s time. This one, however, I crushed.
  7. Bike that extra mile or 3 at the gym. The extra few minutes will be worth it. Does doing this for half of the year count? :|
  8. Visit the PNW. Because I’m 25 and that hasn’t happened yet. I’m doing it wrong. Moving this to the 26 list.
  9. More whiskey. More beer. More champagne. Definitely accomplished the champagne goal.
  10. Launch one of the biggest, most exciting projects I’ve ever been apart of. Stay tuned. 2016 was crazier than expected, so stay tuned for this in 2017.
  11. Allow myself to take time for creativity. DIY therapy is the best therapy. I did this for a while and am trying to get back into this now. Working on it.
  12. Try every single flavor of La Croix. I made a good dent.
  13. Take pictures with my camera more consistently. This has been an ongoing goal for too many years. Failed this one. Hardcore.
  14. Try at least one new recipe a week. My Pinterest board has been neglected when it comes to applying the copious things I continue to “save for later”. I basically ate the same thing for every meal.
  15. Put down the phone more. People are more important. Trying. Trying. Trying.
  16. Learn to really, truly rest. Still on this learning curve.
  17. Get another tattoo. Because once you get one you just can’t stop. I wish.
  18. Finally watch Parks and Rec. I’ve failed up to this point. It’s not okay. And I failed yet again. 
  19. Find a church community that I can invest in. Oh, how I’ve missed that. So thankful that this was accomplished. Even if it wasn’t in the way I expected.
  20. Attempt to learn how to surf. I might break a neck, but I want to say I’ve tried. This water is just so dang cold.
  21. Apply #20 to snowboarding and long-boarding also. This is a goal again this year. 
  22. Listen to more new music each week. Always. More. Music.
  23. Use my planner for more than the first two months of the year. CRUSHED THS ONE!
  24. Finish my degree. Finally. Praise Him. It is finished. 
  25. Live fearlessly – trusting fully in our Creator. Still my goal each and everyday – even when I fail at it.

So here’s to 25. Here’s to expectantly waiting for big adventures and answers to bold prayers.

Photo by @graceandsalt.


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