25 from 25


Last year I wrote a blog around this time called “24 from 24” and then “25 for 25” (which I’ve updated with how well I accomplished this list). I thought I’d continue the tradition and write down 25 experiences/lessons from the year of 25.

It’s been a crazy year, to put it lightly. So many life changes, home changes, school changes, and every kind of transition that comes alongside those changes. It was an unforgettable year, to say the least. It will be one that I won’t soon (if ever) forget and one I want to treasure for years (and through more transitions) to come. So here we go.

  1. Let’s just start with the fact that 2016 is over. HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN!?
  2. This year I saw God work in the most beautiful ways – amidst the pain and confusion and hurt, He brings redemption to the trails we face.
  3. I also saw some of my best friends arrive home with their two kiddos. Gosh, what an emotional and beautiful experience.
  4. Not only that, but I get to see those kiddos each and every day as they learn and grow and change. How they keep growing up, I don’t even know. TIME, PLEASE SLOW DOWN!
  5. Can we just talk about Lake Tahoe real quick? I mean, come on.
  6. I went camping for the first time in YEARS and quickly remembered how much peace comes with living simply in the middle of nowhere. Even while sleeping on the ground in 40 degree weather.
  7. It turns out that when you live in SoCal, you do in fact come to enjoy the rain. It’s kind of dreamy.
  8. I actually kept up with my reading this year. I think I read more books in 2016 than any other year in my life. I never thought I’d see the day.
  9. Life is starting to feel more and more normal in San Diego. It’s crazy what a year can do.
  10. I found a community I love, and I’m beyond thankful for that.
  11. Guys, I actually went ice skating, in San Diego. Dreams do come true.
  12. I learned so much about Type 1 Diabetes this year – more than I ever thought I’d know in my lifetime. I’m thankful for friends who take the time to let me peak into their daily life – with all the struggles and HOPE that each day brings.
  13. When you live with those referenced in #12, you also realize how much of a staple cauliflower rice is. Thank you Trader Joe’s. That’s all I have to say.
  14. Speaking of Trader Joe’s, can we talk about their $6 champagne. Yeah, it’s real and it’s amazing.
  15. Coffee. I successfully consumed a ridiculous amount of coffee. And I’m not even mad about it.
  16. I’ve never been to the post office as many times as I have this year. EVER. In my whole life.
  17. I also never thought I’d be able to look at a box, weigh it, and basically know how much it will cost to ship it almost everywhere in the world. That’s just taking up unnecessary brain space.
  18. I just want to mention Stone Brewery’s pretzels and brussel sprouts again. Because I literally dream about them at night.
  19. Persevering through the most difficult of trials build character and stress – all at the same time. But I wouldn’t trade any of it.
  20. Is there a program for those who struggle with buying too many used books on Amazon? Asking for a friend…
  21. Sitting on the beach at sunrise and sunset, watching people surf and reading, might be one of the most peaceful things one can experience.
  22. Ballast Point Watermelon Dorado Double IPA. I’ll just leave that there.
  23. It turns out that iPhones can bend. Even when you have no idea how.
  24. I think I’m more of a country girl than I ever thought I was. I do love city life, but I love being able to retreat to the wide open space at the end of the day.
  25. Again, how is 2016 over already? I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

What a year it was, and this doesn’t even begin to describe everything that happened this year. Maybe one day I’ll have the words to explain it all, but right now words of any kind escape me. It was hard, it was rewarding, it was beautiful, and it was filled with trials – but redemption is seen through each step, you just have to take note of it. I’m still figuring out what that looks like and I think it will be a lifelong process.

But if not, He is still good.

Photo by Christina Jean Photography.

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