If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I have started a new, somewhat-crunchy, business venture. I’ve been a fairly avid user of essential oils for the last several years as I’ve heard more and more friends rant and rave about them. Over the last several months I’ve become increasingly interested in integrating them into my daily life and have decided to jump in, feet first, 150%.

I know a lot of people are still skeptical of essential oils, and I must admit, there are moments when I’m in the same boat. I grew up in a medically-focused household and grew up submersed in the less “natural” treatments associated with modern medicine. Do not get me wrong, those STILL HAVE A PLACE in my life and always will. I will never argue with that – ever. On the other hand, if there are ways that I can naturally enhance my health, I am also 200% on board with that. I’ve heard so many stories about the ways essential oils have supported positive health in a multitude of situations all across the world.

For this reason, and many more, I have decided to jump on the essential oil train. If you’ve been thinking about trying out essential oils, I would love to talk with you more about how to make that possible. Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit is LITERALLY the BOMB. You get SO MUCH STUFF for a killer price. It’s actually insane. While it’s definitely still an investment, it is more than worth your while. The ways it can enhance your health and support your body in a natural way is INSANE.

Feel free to email, message, snail mail, or holla at me if you have more questions, need clarification, or decide you want to jump on the essential oil trail with me. If you’re ready to dive in, you can order your premium starter kit here – just make sure you choose the wholesale option so you can take advantage of 24% off the retail price of oils (because duh, why wouldn’t you want to do that!?). Ordering this starter kit will also make you a Happy Oiler and gets you access to an amazing support system and discussion board to answer all of your oily questions. ALSO, I’m offering $20 back when you order a starter kit until SUNDAY AT MIDNIGHT (March 12). More product for even less – how could you even go wrong? ;)

You can follow along with this craziness on my new Instagram, @elisabethmichalessentials where I’ll be sharing my daily routines, specific uses for the most common (and my favorite) oils, as well as some exciting giveaways and incentives that I promise you won’t want to miss.

Y’all have supported me through some crazy life changes, new cities, new jobs, and everything in between – and I cannot thank you enough for it. So here we go with the next phase of the journey, it’s bound to be an adventure :)