walking backwards


There are so many memories here. So many things take me back to the amazing summer I spent here.

Walking Main Street. Sitting at Flavours drinking coffee. Mangos. French pressed coffee. Boda Bodas. Not a day goes by where I don’t catch myself smiling at a sweet recollection of the many days spent wandering around this small town.

As I write this, I’m sitting back in the same spot that I spent so many summer evenings. This whole house holds a little piece of my heart – and always will.

The crazy light switches – clearly you need to have two switches on before you’re able to turn on the living room lights. IV drips hung from living room light fixtures – their obvious purpose. The kitchen – so many late night conversations were had while sitting on those countertops. Late night work sessions at the dining room table. Early mornings – where words were few and far between, but coffee was the common language. Movies until 2am and conversations that lasted hours beyond that. Eating Nutella with a spoon – catching people eating MY Nutella, but loving them anyway.

So many stories were shared in this house. So many hard questions were asked. Pain was experienced – joy was felt.

That summer changed me. I grew in unmeasurable ways. I walked paths that I never expected to have in front of me. I learned how to love better – I learned how to except love better. I asked the hard questions – I answered the hard questions. I built up relationships that are certain to last a lifetime. I experienced Uganda, learned about the people, learned about myself, and did all of that with my best friends at my side.

Here’s to reliving precious memories. Here’s to creating new memories. Here’s to savouring every moment of this beautiful and painful life that we are given. Here’s to living out every moment with JOY. Here’s to the next year in this beautiful country that stole my heart just six months ago.

Memories. The sweet reminders of days past.



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