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One last night in Brevard.

The past week has been filled with rubbermaid bins, mixed emotions, runs to Goodwill, Christmas parties, packing, stress, procrastination, and a few emotional breakdowns.

How is it almost the middle of December? How is Christmas in two weeks? How is it that I leave North Carolina tomorrow?

I was able to spend a wonderful last few weeks with my friends and family here. We shared so many laughs and created moments that I won’t soon forget. These friends have stuck by me through the unexpected twists and turns of this past year – through the moves, travels, and times at home, at the end of the day I can count on a vicious game of spades and a little table talk to remind me where home is.

It’s hard thinking about all that will change in the year that I’m gone. I know I won’t be coming back the same person, but it’s just strange to think about where everyone could be this time next year. I can’t wait to sit down for coffee with these people a year from now and talk reminisce about how quickly the year went and all that we accomplished. It’s hard not to linger on the things that I’ll miss, but instead I am trying to look forward to all that God has in store for us throughout the coming year. Who knows where our journey will take us. I just pray that He leads and we willingly follow.

While it’s sad thinking about goodbyes and the final few hugs, I know that this ending season brings forth the opportunity for new things, new adventures, and new relationships. I pray that these relationships not only stay in tact through the next year, but that they are strengthened by coming together in the midst of our different journeys across the globe. North Carolina has changed my life. I wouldn’t be on this next journey without the crazy leap of faith that was moving here. I love these folks with my whole heart.

I’ll miss you sweet North Carolina. As one chapter starts, another closes – let’s keep writing.



torn apart

While this upcoming move is filled with nothing but new experiences and unchartered waters, the season that I find myself in is all too familiar – I’ve been here before. Sure, it was a different city country, a different group of friends, and a different leap – but these feelings I’m experiencing aren’t foreign to me.

I was laying in bed – because let’s be honest, the only time I have a somewhat intelligent thought is when I’m trying fall asleep – and just couldn’t explain why, that in all of this uncertainty and change, I felt oddly comfortable. I’ve been here before.

I’ve done anything possible to avoid packing.

I’ve dreaded saying goodbye to my best friends.

I’ve tried to do all of the “this is my last time…” activities.

I’ve been excited for the next chapter, but dreaded the step between here and there.

There are so many things I will miss about this sweet town of Brevard. There are things that I’ve been waiting months to be back doing. In one way, my heart is torn. In another, I know I’m stepping into something much bigger than myself with nothing but excitement and absolute fear. So many things things I will miss, so many things to look forward to.

Things I’ll miss:

  • Sitting here listening to my friends cackle while playing Cards Against Humanity.
  • Seeing my best friends everyday.
  • Seeing the sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Being 45 minutes away from some of the most beautiful outlooks on the Parkway.
  • The bakery.
  • Scarves and wool socks.
  • Good breweries.
  • Spontaneous trips to Asheville for Indian food.
  • Road trips.
  • Sushi.
  • Changing seasons.
  • Concerts. I’m really going to miss those.
  • Nights spent around the dining room table with some of the people I love the most.

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Holding my sweet Eli.
  • Running around with Silas.
  • Coca-Cola with cane sugar.
  • Causing trouble with the Collie kids.
  • Cappuccinos from Flavours.
  • Boda rides with epic soundtracks.
  • A tan.
  • ENOing on warm Sunday afternoons.
  • Red dirt.
  • Having Betty chase me around the house trying to get a “real smile” out of me.
  • Betty’s samosas.
  • The fish room.
  • Mango. Avocado. Pineapple.
  • Being back with my Ugandan family.

The end of a chapter. An opportunity for new beginnings.

Dale Partridge (founder of Sevenly) publishes “The Daily Positive” on his blog. Yesterday’s theme was “In The End, We Only Regret The Chances We Don’t Take”. He talks about finding your passion, the people who mean the most to you, a place that excites you and where those overlap you find yourself “living the dream”. Well, I think I’ve found it. I’m doing what I love with Sole Hope, the Collies are like my family, and Uganda holds nothing but excitement for the future. I think some would say I’m “living the dream”. I pray that I savour every moment, take in every experience, and find joy in the small things. I’m doing what some people can’t even imagine – I’m living my very own dream.



Another city, another transition, the same heartache.


Another trip to North Carolina, another hard transition back into everyday life at home.

The idea of this trip was to surprise my dear friend Sarah for her birthday last Friday. Let me just say: mission accomplished. There is nothing I love more than a good surprise. When it comes to a successful surprise, I say go big or go home. In this case, I went big and I went home. This trip solidified the fact that Brevard is right where I’m supposed to be. It feels more like home than anywhere I have ever been. When I first arrived in Brevard last week, the anticipation and excitement was too much to handle. Within minutes of being with everyone again, it just seemed like it was normal for me to be there and be a part of it all. It is still such a strange feeling for me. Don’t get…

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Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s about that time when Elisabeth has become far too comfortable with her life and all of a sudden plans change. Yes, you heard it here folks, yet again my life is not going in the direction I oh so carefully thought out. How silly of me to think that I could plan out the next year of my life and expect it to go according to those plans.

It’s like I’ve been through this before or something.

So here it goes… This girl and her cowboy boots are picking up and moving to Nashville, Tennessee for three months.

You probably ready that sentence correctly the first time. This kid is picking up and moving (yet again) to her homeland for a spring internship with The Red Bus Project. To say I’m slightly excited about this opportunity may be a slight understatement. It’s as if someone wrapped up the city that I love, a cause I’m passionate about, and a fantastic organization into an internship and handed it to me with a bow on top.

I gave my two weeks on Wednesday.

I move in twelve days.

This is actually happening.

So much has happened in the last 7 days. I’ve experienced a range of emotions from excitement to complete disbelief to panic. I now have less than two short weeks to arrange everything I need to here in Brevard, pack what I will be taking with me, find a place to stay while I’m in Nashville, and get ready to take yet another leap into the unknown.

I’m so thankful for this opportunity, but it’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that I’m leaving this place for three months. I love it here. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel and explore new places, but this place has become my home. These people have become my family. It’s so hard to think about just picking up and moving away from that.

I’m going to miss the mountains. I’m going to miss this little town. I’m going to miss Asheville’s quirkiness. Let’s be honest, I’m really going to miss the bakery. All jokes aside, I’m going to miss the people here more than anything. I’m going to miss our game nights and movie nights. I’m going to miss the arguing, the sarcasm, and laughs. It’s the little things that I’m going to miss the most. It’s those nights where we all just sit on the kitchen floor talking when we could be sitting on a perfectly comfy couch in the living room. It’s the times I times where I fail miserably playing Xbox with the guys. Those are the things I don’t want to miss out on.

I’m sure Nashville will take good care of me. I’m sure there are some who think it will take such good care of me that I won’t not come back. At this point, I’ve learned to never say never, but I do know that Brevard will always be my home, everyone here will always be my family, and I will never cheer for UT.

My life is getting ready to shift, yet again. I’m ready for this new adventure, but I’m not wanting this one to come to a close quite yet. I’m definitely learning to appreciate the time that I do have and is forcing me to take the time to enjoy the small things.

It’s a good thing I learned to love country music years ago. I think that skill may come in handy over the next few months. Nashville, let’s do this.