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Last week I had the honor of doing a little family photo shoot with the Kroeker family. Last time it was just three of the siblings, but the latest project included the whole family. It’s been so much fun getting to know this entire family. They are all amazing people, and have graciously welcomed me into their home many times. Lately I’ve felt like the bonus Kroeker, something I’m very okay with. Bonfires, Duck Dynasty, and playing with sweet Joel have definitely been some of the highlights. Thank you dear Kroekers for being a what I might call my Tennessee family. Here are a few shots from last week. What a beautiful family.









IMG_9542 IMG_9538 IMG_9509

IMG_9596 IMG_9577

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on top of the world


Nothing can top a weekend full of sunshine and good friends. We have finally been able to catch a glimpse of the summer weather that we’ve all been praying for since right around last October. It definitely required breaking out the shorts and Rainbows. Nothing can improve a day quite like warmth and sunshine.

Not only did this weekend consist of catching a few rays, but it was filled with adventures with new, but great friends. I’ve been so blessed by the people that I have met since moving here two months ago. The Kroekers have been no exception to this. I’m so thankful for the relationships that are being built with them and the craziness that occurs when we are together. I end up in complete stitches, laughing at goodness only knows what comment someone made. Yesterday was a day with the Kroekers. Crepes, a beautiful farm, and a few 646 pictures later, I was more thankful than ever for these wonderful people.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday’s adventure. These kids are something else.


IMG_8630 IMG_8691 IMG_8705 IMG_8779

IMG_8817 IMG_8814 IMG_8813

Photo Cred: Willy Kroeker
Photo Cred: Willy Kroeker


Photo Cred: Anna Kroeker
Photo Cred: Anna Kroeker

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