FullSizeRenderThe name is Elisabeth Michal. Born in Nashville, TN, raised in Kitchener, Ontario, I call three countries home, and am currently living in Southern California. I’m on the adventure of my life – doing things I never could have dreamed of. I thought I had a plan for my life, but God has taken that and blown everything out of the water.

Starting in January of 2013, I was thrown in a different direction when I was offered and internship with the Red Bus Project in Nashville, TN – taking me back to my hometown. Three months later I was Uganda bound where I spent my summer serving alongside Sole Hope. Four months after arriving home from my African adventure, I was Jinja bound again for a year to work as the International Coordinator for Sole Hope. I’m now in San Diego, seeking out the next step in this journey. All I know is that God has a sense of humour and I enjoy being on this ride with him. I want to pray bold, live bold, and make bold decisions – following my Creator where he sends me next.

This is my journey. These are my thoughts. This is my heart.

I fancy:Lis-5
ENO Hammocks.
The Blue Ridge Parkway.
New music.
Long talks the kitchen floor.
Laughing hysterically.
The California coastline.
Coffee and loose leaf tea.
Road trips.

All photos by Grace & Salt

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